Pregnant Airport Adventures

After traveling without my 19 month old, I was reminded about this post from my old blog, “JacHeart”, in August of 2012. Traveling alone last month felt very uneventful. For the past 2+ years, I’ve had my hands full any time I’ve traveled! I was either pregnant or traveling with a young child. …talk about eventful. I figured I would share one of those eventful stories with you!


It all started with a kolache, which just so happens to be one of the nicknames for my baby. My husband, Davis, decided I needed a kolache to feed “baby kolache” on the way to drop me off at the airport. My flight was scheduled to leave just before 7 a.m., which was quite the stretch for my hibernating bear-type hubs. As promised, bear hubs crawled out of bed with me at 4:30 a.m.  in order to get me to the airport on time. Of course, “early” is never early enough when you’re catching an early flight out. Walking into the airport, orange juice in hand, I got a light flutter of nerves as I saw the line for the security check. Being honest, the light flutter could partially be due to being pregnant at the time. As I attempt to check myself in at the self-service kiosk, I manage to swipe my driver’s license the wrong way. Thinking the kiosk was not going to be able to pull up my ticket by driver’s license, I attempt to look up my flight information on my cell phone and allow other travelers who are better prepared than me to cut ahead. (I have to add here that none of them seemed thankful; they must not be traveling somewhere pleasant, because they sure did not want to hurry.) I, on the other hand, nearly knocked the whole line out of my way (think dominoes), once I realized the proper way to swipe my driver’s license. Of course, I’ve done this a hundred times (printed my boarding pass from the kiosk). At that point in life, I traveled to California about every 6 months to visit my family. My incapability to swipe my stinkin’ license properly is a true testament to the effects of “pregnancy brain”.

Boarding pass in hand, security line backed up, I start to get anxious that I’m going to miss my plane. Again, the anxiety was due to pregnancy, in part. Once to the front of the security line, I kept my boarding pass in my hand like they ask you to do and I also had a “proof of pregnancy” from my doctor. No, I wasn’t trying to shmooze them into letting me by more quickly or anything. I did, however, read that you should try to skip the body scan by requesting a pat down instead. To avoid drawing suspicion to myself, I kept the proof of pregnancy in hand to show the airport employee. As I patiently stood by, I realized that I probably would not make it to my gate if I stood by waiting to be pat down. With a deep sigh of acceptance, I mentioned that I did not have time to wait and that I would willingly go through the body scanner. As I stood there with my arms raised and my feet an awkward distance apart for a person as short as I am, I thought about how cool it would be if the person viewing my body scan was able to see the kolache inside of me. (The baby kolache, that is, not the actual food.) As I exited the body scanner, I had the urge to ask if it had my chubby cheeks or if it had Davis’ long and lean torso. I put my flip-flops back on and grabbed my carry on, glancing at my phone to see if the conveyor belt had summoned a text with its magical powers. No text. Just the clock screaming at me, once again. I checked my gate number on my boarding pass again and realized it was on the other side of the airport. Of course. I sure did book it to the other end of that airport, considering my pregnant state and flip-flopped feet. At the gate, out of breath, carrying my flip-flops, my luggage overturned on its wheels, I see the red flashing words that read “Flight Delayed”. You would think I would have been a tad upset. I had just booked it, as you recall. I was relieved! I thought, for sure, that I was going to miss my flight. I got nice and cozy in the far corner by the window with my book and patiently waited for my flight. And waited. And waited some more. Until 2 hours later. Again, I was not upset. No, the pregnancy hormones didn’t even kick in to help me become upset. Nope. Not at all. I was fine.

Until I got to my connecting airport, LAX, and they decided that a Houston delayed flight meant I had to wait for an ELEVEN P.M. L.A. flight!!!! That would have been a twelve-hour stay at LAX for the day. Luckily, the impolite lady assisting me called another airline to see if they had an extra seat for me. Again, luckily, the other airline did have a seat for me. On the other side of the airport. The impolite lady vaguely described how I would manage to get to the other side by going through this door, then entering at this entrance, and walking by this and walking by that and walking by the other. As in, exit the airport, walk around, print boarding pass, go through security all over again, then find my gate. Cue pregnancy hormones. Empty-handed, I end up in front of the security line. By empty-handed, I mean I don’t have my boarding pass. Lip quivering, feet swelling, eyes bulging, I wandered around until a polite security man walked me down to print my boarding pass. Whew. Feet still swelling, eyes still bulging, but lip no longer quivering. Boarding pass in hand, I ventured through security once more. I managed to find my gate and settle into a big chair, propping my swollen pregnant-looking feet up on my luggage. Still a little shaken, I decided not to read my deep, dark, emotional book. I wrote instead. Eventually, I was on my flight, leaving LAX, headed to FAT (Fresno Airport), and soon into the comforting arms of my grandma. She cooed, “You poor thing! Let’s get you something to eat.” I smiled into her and sighed with relief. For the next week, I would be hugged, kissed, stuffed with food, belly rubbed, tucked in, and probably even spanked. I wouldn’t even miss being an adult for a second. Don’t lie, you know you love going home and being treated like a kid again.

Have you had any crazy, hormonal travel experiences while traveling with fetus in tow (or, in belly, rather)?


What This Mama Wore: To Make Business Casual More Fun

So, I like to be fun. When I first think of business casual, I don’t immediately think of fun. I think of blacks and grays with a crisp, white button down. While that look is classic and suits some, it isn’t fun. …and I like to be fun, remember?


When I started planning outfits for my business trip, I immediately knew that I’d want to make the whole “business casual” thing more fun. If you’ve read my blog before, then you know that I’m a new mom who is determined to dress well. I work to look presentable any time I’m leaving the house. Business conferences have a more professional expectation than a normal day at the office, but I didn’t want that to trump fun! …and what could be more fun than a floral pencil skirt?!


Agnes & Dora sent me this amazing floral pencil skirt to help me have fun during my business conference! Pencil skirts are a classic staple for business fashion. In fact, pencil skirts are probably my favorite clothing item. The floral print of this pencil skirt makes it so much fun, which was exactly what I was looking for! In fact, Agnes & Dora have pretty much every pencil skirt I’ve ever been looking for. From camo to stripes to polka dots, they have such a great variety of pencil skirts! The fabric and fit of their pencil skirts are extremely comfortable, while maintaining a professional shape and length. I have to be honest, pencil skirts always make me feel a bit sexy.

Agnes & Dora

I paired the fitted shape of the pencil skirt with a flutter-sleeved top to balance it out. I also had this lovely peach necklace that Ameera Noor sent me! It was the perfect addition to this outfit. I went with my classic nude pumps and called it a day. (A fun day!)



Motherhood From Every Angle: Acsa

About me:
Hello, my name is Acsa Harper. I am 27 and a nanny turned SAHM. My husband is in the Marine Corps and we were recently located to South GA from Miami earlier this summer. We have a 16 month old daughter named Vida and she is the sweetest little thing ever. I  really do enjoy staying at home with my daughter, we do a lot of fun things together! I love spending every moment with her. I look back on her baby photos and can’t believe how fast she is growing. We love go on play dates, go to the park, go to the aquarium, and sometimes going for a stroll around the mall to people watch. We love to nap at home! Of course, like any mom, I like to have my little getaways. I look forward to getting together with my mommy friends once or twice a month for dinner or pampering. We always end up talking about the kids, but it feels good to leave the diaper bag at home and not have to worry about kids acting up or having to cut up food into bite size pieces.
Describe your mommy uniform:
My mommy uniform around the house is sweat pants and t-shirts. If it gets dirty it won’t be a big deal.When I go out maxi dresses, so easy and the straps make it convenient for breastfeeding.
What is your strategy when getting dressed?
When getting ready for the day, I bring my daughter into the bathroom and let her play in bottom drawer of our bathroom. I have filled this drawer with random, but safe items a toddler can play with. Like: ribbon,toys,empty bottles with coins to use as a rattle and many other things. It keeps her distracted and gives me exactly 15 mins which is like 3 hrs in mommy time.
What is your favorite clothing item?
My favorite clothing item is this yellow and black maxi I have. I do wear it a lot. My mom told me to stop posting photos on fb with that dress on because it seems that’s the only item of clothing I own. Oops!
Describe your cleaning/organizing routine:
My cleaning and organizing routine happens at night time. I love to clean. a clean house brings me peace. I love waking up to a clean house. There are nights when I am so tired I have left the kitchen a mess and I am laying bed, exhausted, but the image of my kitchen being  a mess is running through my head. I feel like I could be Monica Geller from Friends.
What is one household chore that you wish you were better about?
One chore I wish I was better at was vacuuming. I just push that thing around as fast as I can. My husband makes perfectly straight lines. Ain’t no mom got time for that lol.
What gives you the most “mommy guilt”?
I get mommy guilt when I am texting someone and I think it will be something quick, but it turns into a long conversation and then I look at the time and can’t believe how much time has gone by and my daughter has managed to make a mess or is throwing toys or climbing on furniture. I feel like that is time I could have spent playing with her or I wish the conversation had not distract me as much. My other weakness would be bringing my daughter into bed with me in the early  morning. We fall asleep, then wake up and we just lay there and read books, I have even fed her breakfast on our bed while we watched movies. I know the day will take a while to get started but that’s okay. It only happens on days when we don’t have plans because on days we do have plans, we are always rushing. always rushing!
What gives you the most “mommy pride”?

When my daughter repeats words while I am reading to her. I’m not trying to teach her anything, I am just reading to her. I scream in excitement and kiss her all over. I will do the same when she gets married and graduates college. I will scream and kiss her all over. Another pride of mine is creating fun little corners in our house for Vida. Every couple of weeks I like to change her toys with toys I have in storage. I move her big toys around and change up her books. When she wakes up it is like Christmas morning, she doesn’t know where to go first and she is so excited to play. I also love creating fun meals for my daughter, like yummy egg muffins!


What This Mama Wore: Traveling & Betty Be Good Shop Feature

Travel outfits, like carry-on bags, can be your best friend or your worst enemy. They can help you look presentable, while making you uncomfortable or they can keep you comfortable, while making you look like you just rolled out of bed in your pajamas! When I’m traveling, I try to keep in mind that I’ll be sitting most of the time, my temperature will be hit or miss (I can never seem to gauge this), and I may have to look presentable (depending on the trip/company around me). Since I’ll be sitting on a plane for most of the time, I avoid jeans or other ants with strong waistbands. Stretchy jeans can be comfortable, but still too constricting for me. I own one pair of tights/leggings that I always break out for traveling! I also make sure that my top is soft and comfortable. For this trip, Betty Be Good Boutique was kind enough to send me the softest tunic that I’ve ever worn!

travel outfit

I loved this tunic for traveling not only because it’s soft, but also because it has longer sleeves that can help keep you warm on the plane. The gray and cream combo can be worn with just about any other color(s), so I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this adorable tunic! Betty Be Good also sent me this great, neutral leopard scarf!


Again, I can never gauge how hot/cold I’ll be on the plane, so it was nice to have a scarf to keep me warm. It’s soft, comfortable, and (best of all) easy to take off! Like the tunic, it matches pretty much anything! I originally planned on wearing my oxford shoes, but I actually decided on wearing my nude pumps!

travel outfit dressed up

I wanted to look a little more professional on the trip out, because I knew I’d be going straight to the resort where people from my company would already be out and about. My nude pumps are extremely comfortable and I knew I was flying to airports that I knew well, so I most likely wouldn’t be running between gates!


I am happy to report that I was completely comfortable, warm/cool, and stylish throughout my whole trip to Palm Springs, thanks to Betty Be Good! I’ll be hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Betty Be Good Boutique, so keep an eye on my Instagram (@beautyandthebinky) for more info!  Get a head start by following @bettybegoodboutique on Instagram!


What’s in my (Carry-On) Bag & Laura K Creations Shop Feature

what's in my carry-on bag travel

Carry-on bags can be your best friends or your worst enemies! You need some entertainment, but you also don’t want to add more weight to your shoulder. I try to pack lightweight items to entertain myself at the terminal, on the plane, and during layovers. I always carry a book in my purse, even when I’m not traveling! They’re lightweight and can occupy a lot of time. I brought my pen pal letters and some blank cards with me, so I could respond to them. They weight next to nothing! They actually kept me occupied for a while, too! They were the perfect addition to my carry-on bag. I also took my laptop, because I needed to draft quite a few blog posts. I usually try to put my laptop in my luggage bag, just because of its weight. (Luckily, my laptop is pretty small and light compared to most!) Either way, I was thrilled to try this cute little leaf laptop sleeve that Laura K Creations sent me to protect my laptop! Her laptop sleeves are slim and lined with fleece to help pad your laptop. She looked up the dimensions of my laptop and made the sleeve accordingly, so it fit perfectly snug! Besides all of that, it’s beyond uh-dor-able. Check out our Instagram pages for the giveaway that we’re hosting together with one of her gorgeous makeup bags! @beautyandthebinky and @LauraKCreations

what's in my bag

There are also necessities that you just can’t leave out of your carry-on bag. I did leave my wallet in my bag, but I also used this travel wallet from Betty Be Good to separate the specific items that I’d need at the airport. I didn’t have pockets on my travel outfit, so I needed to have my license and my boarding pass in my hand. Between luggage tags and boarding passes and all the other little items that you need in the airport, having a slim travel wallet was a great way to keep everything at my fingertips! Betty Be Good and I have a giveaway coming up soon, so follow my blog to stay up to date! (Just enter your email in my sidebar and click follow! If you’re on a cell phone, it will be at the very bottom of the page.)

what's in my carry-on bag

I actually used everything that I had in my carry-on bag, so I consider that a huge success! I wasn’t bored for a moment and I got a few of my task list items done! I also didn’t break my shoulder in the process. Success!


What’s in my (Luggage) Bag & Pili’s Design Feature

I have to start by saying that I’m no packing pro. I do travel often and have gained a few techniques from my experiences, though! Something that I love about traveling is all of the travel accessories! I love to keep things organized, especially when traveling. Things like this underwear travel bag by Pili’s Design that Pilar sent me to try make storing and organizing undies feel glamorous! I also love that this travel bag helps me store my dirty laundry, so I can keep it separate from my clean laundry!


As I’m packing for business trips, I always keep a few things in mind: I need to carry my luggage bag on with me and I need a variety of outfits. To meet both of those requirements, I try to pack interchangeable items. It’s not that I repeat all of the items that I pack, but it’s nice to have a few options while also packing lighter!


The top half of this outfit is very generic – a silk white tank and a black blazer, so it can easily be worn more than once throughout the week. Accessories in a specific pop of color also make packing and accessorizing multiple outfits easier!


Again, neutral pieces can be repeated throughout the week with no guilt! This tan and white polka dot shirt can be worn with almost anything, but it wouldn’t be easily recognized if I wore it more than once! Items like this floral skirt from Agnes & Dora are statement pieces that I only wear once, since they are recognizable and they stand out. (I save those for the good days when I know everyone will see me. Wink wink!)

Like I said, I’m no pro at this packing thing. I do have a few guidelines for myself and I feel like I do better than most at packing a variety of outfits while still packing light!


What’s in my (Toiletry) Bag

This week, I’ll be traveling to Palm Springs for a business conference! I plan to give you all the dish on what I packed and what I wore, so follow my blog or come back to read about what I packed in my luggage bag and my carry-on bag, what I wore all week to the conference, and what I wore while traveling! Today, I’ll be talking about what I packed in my toiletry bag.

CRW_3924I posted What’s in my (Makeup) Bag last week and I took the same items with me while traveling. I also take a separate bag that came with one of my luggage bags, which ended up being perfect for TSA’s liquid requirements! Although it isn’t perfectly clear, they’ve always accepted it as my liquids bag. It fits a lot of items in it and it actually snaps into the top of one of my luggage bags! It has proved to be convenient and I hope to find another!


I won’t bore you with the usual travel items that I packed, like shampoo and conditioner, but I do pack a few specifics in my toiletry bag. This time, I’m traveling to Palm Springs, CA. I’m actually from California, so I have a little insight as to what I should pack! My hair tends to dry well in California, needing very little product or styling! Removing humidity can do wonders for a girls hair! I do like how the humidity give me volume, though, so I take a voluminizing hairspray and baby powder. I just so happened to find Big Sexy Hair’s “Spray and Play”, which is perfect to add some volume to my hair once I’ve curled it. Baby powder is one of my favorite things for multi-purpose uses! In this case, I can use it as a dry shampoo and to add volume to my roots. I don’t like to put hairspray right at my roots, so I use a powder to add volume! Baby powder can also help lighten dark roots, if you can’t get into the salon quick enough!


I also took Josie Maran’s Argan Oil to help with dry skin and dry hair. In Texas, the humidity serves to moisturize my skin and hair, so I knew I’d get dry in California. Argan oil is also wonderful after you’ve gotten off the plane and washed your face. I always feel like my skin needs extra lovin’ after a flight and this is the perfect product! It also reduces the amount of items you have to take by doubling for skin, face, and hair. We all know how important it is to save room for an extra pair of shoes!

Those are the “special” products I brought in my toiletry bag on this trip! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on the products I take to different climates. On Wednesday, I’ll be posting about what I took in my carry-on bag! Follow my blog by entering your email on the right (or at the very bottom, if you’re on a cell phone) or be sure to come back on Wednesday!